The Annual Fund

The Michigan State University Annual Fund encourages alumni, students, parents and friends to recall and renew their Michigan State University ties by making gifts on an annual basis. These gifts strengthen MSU's ability to serve students, faculty and staff through scholarships, teaching innovations and updating technology.

When a gift is made to the Michigan State University Annual Fund, it is not only contributing to MSU's ability to positively impact the lives of students but also assisting in the preservation of high quality education for future generations of Spartans. A goal for Michigan State University is to have the #1 alumni participation rate in the Big 10. Alumni participation has a direct impact on the University's national ranking. These national rankings allow us to attract the best and brightest students and enhance the value of all degrees received from Michigan State University.

The support to the Annual Fund goes directly to the college or department of choice, as a personal expression of the commitment to the University, its students, programs and goals. The three main campaigns include the Essential Edge Campaign, College Campaign, and Parents' Fund. Every gift is sincerely appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of students and faculty.

Ways in which you will be contacted

Direct Mail

MSU's direct mail program sends out over 300,000 pieces each fiscal year. From these mailings over $1,000,000 is secured for the University and its colleges. These mailings are coordinated with telemarketing and used as information pieces and a pre-approach to certain campaigns. Generally, direct mailings are sent out three to four weeks before the beginning of the campaign.

MSU Greenline

MSU'S Telemarketing program is the largest and best in the Big Ten. It is a student run program which employs over 200 students each semester. Telemarketing has 75 calling stations in which 10,000-15,000 phone calls are attempted each shift resulting in personal contact with over 175,000 alumni each year. From these alumni, student callers secure more $4 million dollars and over 50,000 donors. Click here to get to know our MSU Greenline staff!

Jameka Tolbert

If it weren't for my scholarship I wouldn't be in college right now. With tuition rates constantly increasing I financially couldn't do it on my own. I am truly grateful for the donations made back to MSU. All the support from alumni and affiliates to the University is providing an excellent education and I look forward to the day when I can do the same.

- Jameka Tolbert
Sophomore and recipient of Broad Future Teacher Scholarship